Tuesday, April 28, 2015


At school,  Lala had generation dress up day. Although this may look like the hipster section of Forever 21, this is a grunge-look inspired by the 90's, kids.

Our day turned into an epic adventure exploring our little paper towns. 

In honor of the late lead singer of Nirvana, a Kurt Cobain inspired look. 

We stumbled to her school a rough 30 minutes late (one of those mornings) singing "Here we are now...entertain us!..." 

School lunch note- 

We made our own Smells Like Teen Spirit concert.

I could not help but see her as a young Margo Roth Spiegelman.

This was not the first time she reminded me of a little Cara Delevingne. After a day with tiger face paint, the residue darkened her gorgeous brows and we laughed at the comparison. I love Cara and her no- holds- barred personality. 

"As long as we don't die, this is gonna be one hell of a story." - Paper Towns

That sums up our experience in there. My fearless 4 1/2 exploring this eerie but amazingly beautiful place so trusting and unaware. 

Now that's one cool kid. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Peter Pan

A surprise evening for our girl!

We didn't say anything we just sat down and a few minutes in she said "Peter Pan! I have never seen a performance like this."

Peter Pan cupcake & cookies.

Perfect family night! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One Week at Disneyland!

We packed up the car and drove to LA again!
This time Joe had a class to take over a couple of days so Lala and I figured we might as well join and spend our time (hardly) missing him at DISNEYLAND!
I had a meeting Monday morning (huge thank you to J&L for always supporting me) and we just packed as much as we could into this trip.
Before Joe drove to Utah he purchased a DVD player (or as Lala calls it "my very own Netflix"). She is the most amazing road trip child I have even met (possibly due to our drive from GA to CA when she was only 6 weeks old). She really just enjoys sleeping, singing, talking, and playing with her toys back there but the occasional movie is a special treat.


While I was in my meeting, they went to the park and played. After I was done we grabbed a quick lunch and went right over to Disneyland!

Peter Pan!

Joe drove each morning and Lala and I walked with a super close hotel. 


With all the extra time at the parks, we really noticed and did so much more than normal. 

Our Tiana day was for MARDI GRAS!
I had seen the Disney accounts post about it last year and not this year at all, so I warned Lala we may not get to see her (which would have been a bummer because we still had not met her yet). We walked around New Orleans Square and didn't see her. As we were on our way to grab some gumbo, she was standing there! 
Lala walked right up to her and they had a lovely time.

La was enjoying every second. Her shirt & doll made Tiana happy and a crowd formed just to see the two of them interact.

I have been to N'awlins, but Disneyland does Mardi Gras/ NOLA theme just right for us.

They had live music and bead tossing.

Tiana saying goodbye to Landyn.


 The steak gumbo was filling and gave us a nice break before heading back for more park fun.

Left score-Lala 
I wish I could say I was letting her win.

Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday stop at Starbucks for a steamer, iced coffee, and a special Mickey cookie!

When a character remembers you!
Cruella remembered Lala! 

They caught up a bit and remembering how Landyn acted the first time meeting her (a couple months ago), she toned down her cruel and treated La like a friend.

Joe met us for our Mardi Gras dinner at the French Market.

Joe and I did more parent swap/fast pass rides this trip.
Tarzans treehouse became Lalas favorite activity for the week.

We ended in New Orleans fashion with beignets!


Princess Jasmine day.

I loved this costume.
Majority (besides belly) of her body covered from the sun, hair out of her face, and pants so she wasn't tripping all day.

She was the only one I saw wearing a Jasmine costume that day.
People were taking her picture and one girl even asked for her autograph.

Once again, I told her that I was not sure we would see Jasmine. We went straight to the meet & greet spot at park opening and she wasn't there. Thinking she may still come, we rode Jungle Cruise and when we came off- she was there!

They had a shimmering shining splendid time together!

Not too many people came to meet her while we were there so they spent a while together.

This trip Lala just started blowing the princesses kisses when saying goodbye.
She is a princess after all! 

We rode the fire truck around Disneyland.

She even rang the bell!

Cooler than the previous cool moment:
Becoming VIP!
We went over (not too long before showtime) to watch the Aladdin show. When we were walking to go get in line we were stopped and escorted to the VIP section. They kept calling her Jasmine and joking that she was late for rehearsing. She felt very special. We got first pick on where we wanted to sit and she picked front and center. 

The musical was magical! 

Earl of Sandwich and Jamba Juice lunch break.

We watched both the Tangled & Beauty and the Beast performances. 

Belle & Jasmine talked about having a tea party soon.

We kept revisiting the theater of old Mickey cartoons. It's always empty and cool in there.


Merida day! 
We've had this dress for a while and Merida was the first Animators doll we bought (hence the original dress design).

She has always loved the smirk.

"It's just my booooowwww"
Lala got the bow and arrow for Christmas this year.

Perfect that we picked the Merida outfit after a few days at Disney because it really created the wild hair!

When I was away on a trip, Lala tattooed her doll with a blue sharpie. Luckily Merida thought it was great paint!

She taught her a few archery tips,

and even helped her put it on comfortably.

She is our family favorite!

Again, the hair... it was all part of the costume.

Storm trooper selfie.

Rancho del Zocalo lunch.

We had to take the car to the shop after some issues (needed a new starter). 
La changed into workout clothes when we went to a park near the auto shop. 


This was our day with Dad so we waited to meet Anna and Elsa/wear the Anna dress. When we walked to get in line (which we expected to be long), we found out it was over 2 hours of a wait and it probably wouldn't be both characters. Landyn was such a great sport about the whole thing and knew she would get to meet them another time. She changed into comfy workout clothes and we started on our fun day as a family.
We saw the mice from Cinderella (first masked character Lala wanted to meet on our first trip).

Robin Hood & Friar Tuck.

Honest John and Gideon. 

The walls are down for Big Thunder Railroad!
Open for operation March 17, 2014.

They were testing it all day- how exciting!

We decided to try different places to eat.
Clam chowder & BBQ chicken with coleslaw baked potato from Harbour Galley!

Annual Passholder advanced meet & greet with Captain America!

ADORABLE little Iron Man suit.

Then it was-STOP-hammer time!

MARVELous meet & greets with the super heroes.

The last request she had was for us all to watch Disney Junior Live on Stage together.

We ended my favorite Disney vacation at Cove Bar with..

Lobster Nachos

& Tri-tip Sliders!

I couldn't agree more...

Our plan was to leave earlier this time....but...

when this girl hears her song, she can't help but break it down.

Mad Tea Party & arcade games.

An exhausting and grand-beyond-measure week at the happiest place on Earth.
How great it was = ] 

...and they slept happily ever after...