Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY Bow Rain Boots

Quite possibly the simplest, fastest, and most rewarding craft yet. We have had rain the past few days, and I was getting tired of Lala's rain boots being so plain-jane and ordinary. I am also obsessed with bows!

What you need: rain boots, hole punch (I used a 1/4 sized hole), ribbon of your liking, and scissors.

Through trial and error (error, error) I found pinching the back of the boots from the side works much easier then trying to go one at a time from the top. It also helps the holes in being perfectly lined up.

I decided to do four holes per boot. If you would like to make it look more like a corset, you can add more holes.

It will be fun to switch up the ribbon every so often, for different looks and outfits!!

The sun may come out tomorrow, but for today BRING ON THE RAIN!!


  1. too bad I cant do them to my boots haha

  2. Lots of accidents happen during the rainy season. And when it rains, it certainly pours so make sure that your boots have enough traction to grip a muddy or slippery surface.