Monday, April 30, 2012

Alvin and the chipmunks theme


We rented the newest chipmunks movie: Chipwrecked.
We had a chicken stir fry with cashews(chipmunks love nuts) and pineapples(to incorporate the tropical island they get stranded on).
CHEESE! Cheese balls with pretzels instead of toothpicks.
Cashews to munch on during the movie.
For the chipwrecked theme I made Lifesavers! I dyed melted white chocolate red and made lines on lifesaver mints.
My favorite part of the entire themed night...ACORNS! Dark chocolate Hershey kiss, mini nutter-butter bites, and pretzel as the stem. I melted the chocolate to use as glue and stuck them in the refrigerator to set.
Obviously, they were satisfactory!
My little chipmunk ended the night with a bath to get her SQUEAKY clean. Only after we listened to chipmunk music throughout the house. Next time we do this night we will do: karaoke (possibly with a chipmunk app for our voices!), dress up as the chipmunks, and use star shape cookie cutters for sandwiches or cookies as a rockstar theme! It was a simple and fun night! Not every theme night needs a lot of work, the point is to have fun and enjoy dinner as a family = ]

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