Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Peace, Love, & Chihuahua Pride!

Amongst our many grand accomplishments, please add back-to-back Chihuahua Pride costume contest champs!! (PS It has only been in existence for two years) This year our family theme was HIPPIE/Peace Love and Chihuahua Pride. Adopt don't breed! FREE LOVE.. to all chihuahuas!

Lala practicing her "OH MY GOSH...we won!" face.

She made the cutest flower child!!
Dolce came in a close second. Dolce wore a pink dress that read "Flower Power".
They posed for the annual photo.
Ellie made her first appearance at Chihuahua Pride day! She was a hit. With her long braids, hippie headband, and matching Lala in a tie-dye shirt which said our slogan.

 At an event like this, you really need to watch where you step!
FIRST place! WOO HOO! Thanks Chihuahua Pride day. 

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