Sunday, July 1, 2012

Justin Bieber/ Never Say Never theme!!!

It's "Biebaaaa Babyyy". Lalas favorite celebrity!! She can recognize his voice, pictures, and music. One of her first (and most repeated) words-"BIEBA!"

 How could we not do Never Say Never night??

Not much different from any other day, we blasted Justin Bieber music throughout the whole house...all day long.

Never Say Never was a great movie (we've watched it multiple times now). We are a family of Beliebers and appreciate his story.

Canada EH? Canadian fries with gravy & cheese. Much better than it looks and sounds!

Baby Baby Babies! A spin on his popular tune we created little swaddled babies.

AND of course there had to be One Less Lonely Girl

*COUGH COUGH* Our whole family has come down with something... it has to be that BIEBER FEVER! Hoping to cure it, we sipped on soup.

Maple Leaf cookies!! Canada=HOCKEY!

Microphone Cupcakes.

The Biebcakes.

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  1. La-La making a teen boy blush in the mall repeatedly calling him "Beibaa" and his mom smiling saying "he loves it!"