Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Training

Its never too young to start training for the Olympics- 2032 here we come!!
 After picking up a Jamba Juice (shameless plug: Sponsors welcome), we headed out to the track to pursue a new found favorite activity for Lala- running.

Of course, every good workout begins with some stretching-

Take your mark (No false starts Lala!)

And she is off!

There may always be a hurdle or two in the way of any goal,

but creative problem solving

gets you where you need to go!

Training dad can simultaneously refuel and unzip jackets!


"I'd like to thank Jamba for the sponsorship, Nike, God- couldn't do it without you big man, Ellen- lets book that next show huh?, Mom & Dad, and everyone who finished behind me-without you there would be nobody to beat-kidding, kidding"

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