Saturday, August 18, 2012

America's last hometown- Pacific Grove CA

One of my favorite places on the peninsula, Pacific Grove, has blessed me with many memories growing up and renewed them as I am now a mother. Famous for its picturesque views, victorian homes, being a stop on the yearly monarch butterfly migration, setting the scene for movies (such as Turner & Hooch), and history. We went to the Feast of Lanterns festivities! It has been celebrated in PG for over 100 years. It is a beautiful show that takes place over the water. Lala felt like she was seeing Disney princesses all over again!

We brought our little pups to the dog parade!

Lala came dressed for the occasion.

Ellie loved getting dressed up too!

After the parade was over, we walked around downtown Pacific Grove. It is such an amazing little town.

...and then we told her we could go get ice cream...

We sat at the ice cream shop I would go with my grand uncle when I was young. One of America's last REAL ice cream shops in one of America's last hometowns, how perfect!

It was messy, but worth it!

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  1. LaLa can be a princess too (especially if G-G still lives in PG)! The fireworks were amazing Saturday night! (lanterns still up) Uncle D loved the homemade peppermint ice cream! He got it on his face too!