Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cupcake Wars

Our family loves the Cupcake Wars show.
There is no competitive nature like that of a husband and wife.
Originally we thought of just doing a cupcake bake-off at home one night, but since summer was coming to an end, we figured we should make it a little more of a get-together.
So this was our Cupcake-Wars-themed-park-play-date-end-of-summer-get-together!

Lala celebrated a day full of cupcakes!
It all started with her oatmeal

Eggs, salsa, and inside-out pb&j!

Her perfect little tank said "When in doubt, bake cupcakes"

Here she is enjoying the set up

This necklace is actually Lala's, but she let me borrow it = ]

The table cloth was this fabric I have been obsessed with (and plan to use in a craft later) and a few of Lala's cupcake themed aprons.

Cupcake shaped build-your-own sandwiches (also had pb&j).

Milk of course! (cupcake silly straws)

Whyyyyy oh whyyy can't my hair look like hers does without trying??

We brought her cupcake book and read it before our friends arrived.

A little decor, I might add that this is an awesome way to store cupcake wrappers too!

Our cupcake moscato (yummm) was a lovely vase center piece.

Cupcake veggies anyone?

No need to start the bonfire! My smores cupcakes were pre-toasted and had a graham cracker bottom.

Deedas cupcakes! 

I have to give it to my mom and Darren for their themes, wild choices, and display stands..

Here are ALL the entries on the display stand.

We saw what they looked like, but the best part was diving in and trying them all!

Milk mustaches were a must.

This was a simple DIY jean jacket I added studs to.

Now this was a play-date after all! Let's see them have their fun.

Lala and Kai loved to ruuuuunnnn around

Hannan rides!!

We made cupcake shaped sugar cookies for everyone to take home at the end.

As Joe was loading up the car, Bentley decided to sneak upfront eat ALL the cupcakes and then sneak into the back. I noticed that the cupcake rack was empty and then I saw his face, guilty.


To sum it all up, we took lala for an evening stroll in her favorite cupcake pjs.

This was also the FIRST time she climbed the ladder!

What a sugary sweet memory...

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