Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY entryway bench and shoe rack

Let me begin this with what I believe...
I believe that working on projects as a family, builds a better bond and every member feels accomplished in the end. Our daughter loves pink, dolls, and tools! I could not be happier that Joe involves her in everything from changing a lightbulb to building tables and entryway benches! My hope is that in the end result, Lala will be more than capable to do any and everything. As she gets older, the projects continue... changing oil, tires, and other car care! 

As I was going through pictures on the computer I found I had never posted these. So this is an extremely belated post! Regardless, I want to show how we don't necessarily DIY-but more of do it together- DIT! 

Lala really enjoyed using the screwdriver! 

Bottom complete

Here it is before painting.

Here Lala is with the square, making sure everything lines up correctly!


Here she is ladies & gentleman.

We painted black and grey in our entryway too!

Make a wish as you enter & leave = ] 

Convenient hooks for backpacks, hats, purses, etc...


  1. This is so pretty! Very clever use of space...we need something like this in our house. This might just be my inspiration : ) Thank you for sharing.

  2. This looks really great, i am trying to do this. Could you please post the measurments? TIA

    1. Tia, thanks so much. Unfortunately, for this bench we do not have measurements as we just fit it to that space in our (old) house. It is a very adjustable and adaptable project though. Good luck!