Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ladybug Girl

Lala loves being Ladybug girl... (In all of her books I changed Lulu to Lala = ] )

She loves the books so much! She reads them all day..even when walking.

Here is a video of Lala reading Ladybug Girl = ]

 We went on the Ladybug walk at Earthbound Farms in Carmel Valley.

I also knew from the first time Lala read Ladybug Girl, that I wanted to make her the costume! It was pretty simple: DIY red tutu, headband with pipe cleaner antennas and red pom-poms at the top, felt wings, and as with every outfit lala rocks-CHUCKS!

There were ladybugs in a tank to observe. (My shirt had a big ladybug and said Love bug = ] )


Earthbound Farms had delicious berries (which is how it all began-the owners have a great story you should check out their web page We enjoyed sampling the ripe ones.

As we walked through the rows of veggies, Dad stopped to show Lala a little fitting!

After the bug walk, we took a break in the shade where "Deeda" read Ladybug Girl.


My husband made Lala a Ladybug purse = ] He is pretty awesome!

Ladybug themed snacks!

A LB bib to accessorize.

It wasn't a perfect sandwich but it got the job done.

Ladybug Babybel cheese.

Chocolate dipped pretzel crisps with red sprinkles.

Ladybug strawberries!

Fresh bread, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomato, olive, and turkey(optional) LBs.
Ladybug red velvet cupcakes. SO thankful I took a quick picture of these before we left the house..they melted in the hot Carmel Valley sun! Inside the red velvet cupcakes I put white chocolate chips.

After snack time, we played on the grass.

Joe is such a perfect dad! He was Francis, the male ladybug from A Bug's Life, which we rented to watch that night.

Off to discover more of Earthbound! the Kids Garden!
Thank you Earthbound Farms!! We had an amazing time.
This is not the last of our Ladybug Girl adventures!


  1. This day was full of learning... I'm happy the cupcakes melted- THEY WERE THE BAMB! looking forward to next year :)


    1. Mern they do the bug walk and other cool activities every saturday!! examples: cooking with Chef Sarah, garden walk & workshop, and sooooo many cool ones in fall!!!!

    2. wooops i didn't mean the bug walk is every saturday, it is only a few saturdays. they just have events all summer long

  2. the last pic of lala is the favorite

    1. ahhh a deeda comment! this made my night = ]

  3. Is the farm in Carmel Valley or Carmel, CA? I tried visiting the website and am a little confused. I live in SD county so I would love to visit if it is in Carmel VALLEY!