Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monsters INC theme!

BOO!! Did I scare you?

Well I hope not.. we like to represent the nice monsters in our home MONSTROPOLIS!

In honor of the new Monsters Inc movie coming out, and our love for the original, we did a monsters theme night.

 *Not pictured: We started our morning off with a family workout like Sully does in before he heads to work. We listened to Monsters Mash while doing it = ] Lala also enjoyed some cheerios on newspaper in her playroom, like Boo gets at Mike and Sullys house.

Our little Boo = ]

Healthy Monster Snack! Apple slices, peanut butter, grapes, and mini chocolate chips on the eyes.

My little sushi chefs!!

I am proud to say Lala participated in every activity in the making of this themed dinner!

The octopus was the sushi chef in the movie...so it was probably much easier for him to power out lots of tentacle-rolled sushi.. but for us, we made a few yummy hand-rolls.

Sushi making was such a fun family activity!

...and of course sampling!


The final product (minus a bite-the chef had to make sure it was good enough to serve).

Mike Wazowski SOUP! Homemade broccoli & pea soup, dollop of cottage cheese, and an olive eye.

MYO (make your own) Monster Face Pizzas! Lala really got into this part!

I put out all the possible toppings on multiple plates.

Again, sampling is a must!

Dads monster face!

My monster face personal pizza, almost too scary to eat I know.

SCREAM CANISTERS! Our chips were disguised in these scream canisters... WARNING you have to be quick to get a chip or you will release all the screams! Pringles containers, construction paper, pens, and tape.

That sneaky little Randall tried to be slick and show up to our theme night! He wasn't invited. We caught him by the old flour trick.

EYE SCREAM sundae!

Mini monster cupcakes! It was super fun coming up with different colored frosting!

"Ooooh googly bear!" Mike W cupcake! We had to cheat a bit and use a googly eye, it looked better plus it was his nickname-duh!

Door cookies!


Paper bag monster puppets!


Dads Conan O'Brien monster puppet.

AHHH Lalas googly eye bump-a-lump monster!

My classy monster mama.

Fran the feathered monster!

MYO door craft! Construction paper, chalk, stickers, and pom poms. The one on the right looks like Boos door!

Okay lala no more scary...

...monsters can work on laughs now!!


  1. BOO!
    Adored Monsters Inc. Night... Will Lala make me some sushi? I feel a Harumi night coming up :)

    <3 Mernu

    1. YES! lets make sushi soon! homemade is better than harumi ; ) i just need to work on my sauce game hahah