Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our Disneyland Vacation

I would like to share one of the happiest memories on Earth from the happiest place on Earth. We did Disneyland with a one year old, and it was the greatest trip we have ever had to Disney! We went over Fourth of July weekend (surprisingly the crowds were not too bad over the time we were there). Here is Lala in amazement while watching the Fourth of July firework show!
Patriotic shot.
My little Sleeping Beauty had no idea what she was about to experience when she woke up the next day.
Her first ride: DUMBO! "weeeeeee"
Lala was giving out kisses like fast passes! I don't think Dad and I had much of a problem receiving them either.
The moment when Lala saw Minnie! At this age it is best to view the masked characters from a distance..perk: not having to wait in the lines to meet & greet! La kept showing us that Minnies dress looked like hers. = ]
Buy you every souvenir? OF COURSE! Who could say no to that face?!
FOOD stop one: The French Market. Let me start by saying dining at Disney is a must! It is not your average "park food" and can be done on a budget. Also, Disneyland tries to make as much free for children under 3-THANKS GUYS! Just look at this plate! Doesn't it just speak to you... *the salmon speaks* "EAT & enjoy me!"
Being able to step away from the hustle and bustle, eat as a family, talk about our game plan, enjoy the view, and eat really spectacular food is the only way I will do Disneyland.

HIGHLIGHT! Beignet stand!! Takes me back to our NOLA trip when Lala was only 6 weeks old...
Did i mention they are MICKEY SHAPED?!
While we were sent into powdered sugar heaven, the restaurant we were sitting in front of started playing live jazz! We laughed and danced. 
We loved watching the street shows.
If you know Lala, you know she has moves! We took her to the Disney Dance Party. It was an air-conditioned oasis. As soon as she hit the floor, the dance moves couldn't stop. All the parents on the sidelines by us were smiling and clapping for her. The DJ announced that the ladies of Disney were coming out and since it was a lot of the masked ones, Lala was ready to go.
Toddler Cinderella, the best gift we have ever given to her. They are the best of friends. Lala would tell her we were going on rides - "baby, wide wide!" In the scary parts (let me add: Must they make every single ride have something scary?! COME ON!) she would make sure "rella" was okay instead of worrying about herself.
CARS LAND! It was so cool! I felt like I was in the movie. Food stop 2: Flo's Cafe.
Country style food, just the way it should be!
On day two Lalas aunts and uncle joined us. It was a surprise for Uncle Peter for his birthday!!
If I could give any one piece of advice of doing Disney with a toddler...NAPS! I can't even lie, Joe and I enjoyed them just as much as Lala. I didn't want to push her until she crashed, We kept on regular schedule and added a late nap for the day we wanted to go back at night.
La is our little cupcake. To keep with the theme we created for her, we bought her a cupcake shirt that had mickey and minnie as cupcakes, and Joe and I MADE ours! Simple as plain shirts, felt, fabric, fabric glue, and buttons.
Our cupcake family photo! They were a huge hit with park-goers and employees. Making something is SO much more rewarding than store-bought (plus I didn't find anything near these shirts to buy online).
Lala and Auntie/Godmother Alisa "Deeda" and Auntie Kristina.
Lala adores her Uncle Peter!
We did a fast pass for the World of Color show! It was magic.
The Up balloons!

Gloves down, best part of the entire trip- Ariel's Grotto! It deserves its own post, so check it out too!


  1. How do we make the shirts??? I wanna make some for my mini and I for our next trip! thanks in advance!

    1. Ever since we found out we were having a girl, cupcakes have been a present theme... Our first trip to Disneyland- we needed something to be cupcakes! My husband found our daughters shirt of Mickey and Minnie as cupcakes at Forever 21 kids section. We then spent hours searching the internet for something to wear, no luck. After the crafty-lightbulb went off we went to the nearest craft store and picked up: felt (red, yellow, & black), two white buttons, and red with white polka dot fabric. On cardboard we drew out the shapes and applied everything with fabric glue. The plain shirts were cheap from H&M. Sadly, walking through Forever 21 the other day- they now have sweatshirt as a very similar idea. I still say go homemade! [Especially when it is cheaper ; ) ] Hope this helps and enjoy your trip to Disneyland!! We might just see you there haha. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Beautiful family, great pics, and awesome diy shirts! My question is: how did they hold up after washing?

    1. I hand-washed them and they are fine. I would recommend washing the fabrics before hand just in case the colors bleed.