Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Color Hunt Walk

The idea is simple!
The process is fun!
Egg carton, colored paint, & adventure!

Everywhere we go we identify what we see with numbers and colors. Lala counts to 10 and knows all the main colors. It is not because we "teach" it per se, we just incorporate it naturally in everything. Lately she has been ALL about colors, and I was excited to do the color hunt egg carton I thought of awhile back!

I added two question mark spots for a different color, color combination, or just something wild!

She loved finding colorful leaves & flowers then figuring out which spot they go in.

Off to a great start!

It was a beautiful day in Carmel, CA!

I brought along our magnifying glass for some extra fun!

Joe and I laughed as she would see her hand and then remove the glass to check if it was still the same size.

I think this picture is awesome!-no edits 

The sky was our blue.

It was a great way to get out and explore nature!

TA-DA! We even found some mystery items.

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Temporary tattoo for my little princess = ] 

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