Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tea Party with Nana

Although we have always referred to my mom as Gam-Gams to Lala, she has decided that she wants her grandma to be called "Nana"...a little confusing with her great-grandma being Nanny but it's fine with us.
Lala received an official invite in the mail to see "Nanas" new house and have a tea party. Doc & Lambie were invited too!
Spectacular view of the ocean! 

My classy darling.

Doc & Lambie really enjoyed themselves!

Tons of tea choices, place settings, jams/spreads galore..this tea party was fit for a princess.

There were sandwiches aplenty! Cucumber-cream cheese, salmon-cream cheese-caper, tuna, turkey, cinnamon swirl toast with nutella...

The traditional blog hair picture... 

Fruit parfaits 

Thank you Nana! 
We had a delightful time.
Lala has said "Nana-house" everyday since.

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