Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Pumpkin Time!

We went on a class trip to Hacienda Hay and Feed & Earthbound Farm Stand.
Although we were all there to be in the spirit of fall, pumpkins, and was the hottest day of the year! 
I am completely in love with Lalas bandana halter dress!

We bought some pumpkins! Dad wanted the biggest ones and Lala wanted the little ones.
(Obviously we came home with four little ones)

Feeding the goats was so much fun!
This is Lalas friend Anais.

Picking out pumpkins.

A very hot, but very happy day.
We just walked right next door to Earthbound Farms-Farm stand.
Once again, we dove into a cold raspberry honey swirled frozen yogurt with granola on top.

Fall is stacking up to be a fabulous one!!

How amazing is it that they have a fresh herb garden that you can cut and buy to take home. 
Literally-from their kitchen garden to your grocery store!
Corn Maze time!!

Following the leader...

As parents we are working to have Landyn grow up confident in herself and her decision making. We let her lead us through the corn maze and make every turn-by-turn decision on her own. She loved being the leader and we only ran into one dead-end, which she quickly navigated us out of.

Come on..this way!
Stopping to see the gorgeous sunflowers on our way out.

It was such a great day!

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