Friday, November 2, 2012

A Perfect Parisian Picnic-Landyn's 2nd Birthday party!

The Invitation

The Birthday Girl

The Dress

The Purse

(Thank you Crystal for the beautiful photos of Landyn!)

The get-to-know Lala chalkboard

The Guestbooks
Every year we gather together photographs and events from the year and make a Shutterfly photo book for guests to review her changes, activities, milestones, and sign a message for her to read one day!  This year required two photo books!

The Toddler Area 
For a fun spin on Kanye & Jay-Zs song I made an apron for the kids to wear..
Chalk & White Board Easel
"Pardon My French" Lesson
English to French translations. 
Crayons, markers, sculpting clay
Joe built this table the morning of! 
Crayon-crayon holders haha

Some of the whiteboard art Lala and her friends created.
Laia creating a masterpiece 
Kai chalkin' up some fun!
Through Crayola we uploaded and printed coloring pages for the art table (also a tradition with our parties). We stuck with the French theme: Madeline, an animated color page of France, Ratatouille, a  frenchie dog in a beret in front of the Eiffel tower, and Mickey and Minnie dining at a bistro by the Eiffel tower.
We have been transitioning Landyn's room to Parisian chic- so many of the items we purchased for her room worked for the party and vice-versa. 

Landyns new piano was thoroughly enjoyed at the party!

Her new vanity posed as the perfect place for everyone to get glamorous 

Moustache Time

My nails and earrings fit the bill...or the upper lip I suppose!

HUGE Thanks to Darren!! We could not have done it without you and a Uhaul! I'm not kidding...we rented a Uhaul for this event.

The Food & Decor

French Toast on a stick!
We made almost everything for this party! I used mason jars of different sizes for vases & tiers. I painted and tied twine on a few. I also used white and black lace for "lace-on jars" as my husband calls them.  

MINI EASELS! Lala painted this one-water color on canvas.
Lalas new Eiffel piggy bank.
We used a vintage French cookbook as a tray stand.
Paris Bakery Eiffel Tower cookies- those went FAST! 
Chocolate & Vanilla Macaroons
Here is one of my mason jar cake stands! I loved them-cheap & easy but so very cute!!
MMMMM... Paris Bakery mini pastries. 
A mini mason tier. 
Our Buvette or refreshment stand held three kinds of lemonade, cucumber water, milk, & orange juice.

L is for Landyn Lynn!
HUGE THANKS to Paris Bakery!
For being a fabulous location of the invite photoshoot and maker of most of the magic dishes! 
French Vanilla Ice Cream 
We scooped the ice cream into small mason jars so everyone could grab it & add toppings easily.
Potluck Table

The Guests Picnicking! 

The blanket was custom made for Lala and I made the scrapbook French pillow! 

Artist- Caricatures as thank yous to our guests

The Gifts Table
We brought our old cable spool, wrapped it in twine, and clothes pinned vintage parisian post cards around it.

We set a wire bird cage in the middle for cards.

The Photobooth

Homemade props on a stick

I put the black tutu I made for Breakfast at Tiffanys under her dress-it made it so poofy just like I wanted!

Princess Cake

Princess cake in Paris

It was such a great day..the weather could not have been better, awesome group of people, and fantastic way to celebrate Lala turning TWO! She had so much fun. My husband and I smile every time we talk about it. We really enjoyed the compliments we received from those who observed the party from afar (and the few who came up close to check it all out and take pictures!). 
Here are some more pictures of the day... 

Kai and Lala were melting hearts! Their friendship really cemented on this day.

Pin the Beret on Lala

She only opened one gift at the end of the party...I think she liked it! Thanks Marie, Kai, & Jaden!!

The next day was her actual birthday! The festivities continued... 


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