Saturday, November 24, 2012

Breakfast Picnic

Waking up to a grey and drizzly morning I was expecting to walk out and ask Joe for a hot cocoa, then I saw he had a huge bag packed and he said "Throw on some clothes, let's go."
We drove to the beach for a breakfast picnic!

We had our peppermint hot chocolates too!

Homemade granola with yogurt and cranberries & tomatoes with mozzarella cheese in oil and vinegar. 

Lala really loves picnics! Occasionally at home we have bedroom, living room, backyard, or playroom picnics.

The way she looks at her dad = ] 

We watched the sun spread over Monterey as we finished our food. 


After breakfast stroll on the boardwalk..

As she watches the waves, I can't help but watch her. 

Popping dew drops

Thanks Joe for a flawless memory! 
I am head-over-heels in love with my family.

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