Monday, November 12, 2012

"ellen shoes"

We get up and dance with her everyday and Lala always says "Ellen is funny!" She walks around going "knock knock..Hahahahaha" -  She really delivers with her own punch lines I guess.
At the end of each show Landyn points out the shoes and says "Ellen shoes!" we had to order her a pair. We've had them for a while but they finally fit! She likes to wear them while watching Ellen and makes sure anyone who says "I like your shoes" knows that they are just like Ellens!

Old school style..

As we walked to the wharf, there was an old school car show! Perfect!

We walked down to the end of the wharf before dinner, the lady doing caricatures asked if she could draw Landyn.

We ate dinner at The Old Fishermans Grotto for Deedas birthday.

Then Lala walked around with Peter 

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