Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

Snow White
For Deedas Halloween party, we went in the Snow White theme. Lala and Deeda were Snow White, Joe was the witch in disguise, and I was the poison apple. 
Snow White baked an apple pie and we did too!
Joe made "Apple Pie" cupcakes!
Red velvet cupcakes with M&Ms as the apples.

"Apple Pie" Cupcakes


We got our costumes together very last minute. I made the head piece the day of. 
Headband, foam, & my beloved hot glue gun!

Lala Snow White & Kai Spiderman playing hide and seek.
Lala loves temporary tattoos..
Pin the nose on the Jack-o-lantern.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Rio's second Birthday party!
We let Landyn decide the morning of what she wanted to be and when she brought out her new tool set-we thought up our costumes.
Joe & Lala were the cutest construction duo.

Literally put together in seconds- Rosie the Riveter! 

The birthday girl-Rio and mommy Erika!

Even at a birthday party, there is work to be done! Daddy & daughter teaming up to fix the bench.

Lala makes the sounds effects while using the tools

She also sings "measurin' measurin' "

Hard hats & work boots

Halloween Day Festival
Our play group hosts an annual Halloween Festival.
Lala wanted to be a ballerina, Joe was a black belt in karate, and I was a pumpkin. 

The mobile My Museum was awesome!

Rio and Lala playing with purple moon sand!

My happy girl..


Halloween Evening
Finally...Lalas FIRST Halloween evening!
First we went to Chipotle.

Lala was 'Rella (Cinderella) and Dad was Jaq the Mouse!

Chipotle TIME!
I was the clock striking midnight.

We made Cinderella slipper cookies.

Lala wore her silver sparkly Toms (thanks Darren)!

Lala and her Fairy Godmother!

As the fairytale goes...

Glass slipper bracelet 

Family photo


Lala got the hang of it! 

Halloween 2012 was magical!

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