Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lalas 2nd Birthday

The morning after her beautiful birthday bash-it was RAINING!
It would have definitely put a damper on our picnic, but on her actual birthday it was quite fun!
Puddle splashing, warm drinks, books, and Lalas one request was to go for a hike.

She received a very special phone call from Mickey Mouse first!

With SO much bread left over from the party-Joe made a special French bread French toast, complete with homemade blackberry sauce! 

We went for a hike and just as we got there the SUN came out! 
Here are some videos from our hike!

Lalas version of Gangnam Style! 

Later we met with Deeda and Kai for some soccer and park fun followed by a sushi dinner!
We loved every second of it all-but Lala stay two for a looooong time = ] 

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