Monday, November 26, 2012

WILD THINGS.. You make my heart sing

Today was WILD!
We went to Wild Things

While waiting for the tour to start, we had a lovely conversation with Charley the bird.

The tour was great, but through my eyes it's all about Lala!
My little fashionista sported current trends made by yours truly.. 

Well besides the long sleeve shirt and boots (which I am obsessed with!).

"Kitty" Vest: cheetah print fabric, lace, and studs transformed a jean jacket into an awesome one of a kind vest.

Many of the animals focused on Landyn... 
Mama bear mode was kicking in!

Up-down or high-low skirt..

One of my favorite current trends- but not made for children..
So I made my own!

The lion locked eyes on Lala.. 

Cutest little baby tigers!

We were lucky enough to see this animal up close and personal in its natural habitat! 

..and we met a distant relative.

"They're chasing meeee..."

Are we related??


We got to feed the elephants carrots!

That is the end of our tour..
Wished you saw more of the animals?
I know we will! Season passes = ] 

Our little rockstar 
She asked for me to play "Ever, ever, ever"= We Are Never Getting Back Together, and before the song began she was asleep

After her nap we went to Whole Foods (our new favorite store) for some food.

Lala wanted the salmon sushi.

Joe and I had sandwiches made.
I am sold on their burrito bowls (better than Chipotle), but this sandwich was calling my name!

I loved this day = ] 

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