Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Birt-day TO..MaaaaMaaaaaaa

A belated post from my birthday = ] 
Joe made my morning special with eggs benedict, 

too many presents,

& biscuit cinnamon rolls!

Next we went to do exactly what I wanted for my birthday:
Starbucks, downtown Carmel, and rainy day PUDDLE SPLASHING!

I once thought the only kids drink I could get for Lala was a hot chocolate...there are so many possibilities for children that are not on the menu! 
On this day she had a peppermint steamer.
They warm the milk to a kid friendly temp and add flavor of your choice. 
I loved it so much its what I get now too!

Options for kids:
Milk Steamer (vanilla, peppermint, caramel, etc..), Caramel apple spice, warm apple juice, hot chocolate, smoothies, BABYCCINO (extra foamy milk), blended strawberry lemonade, warmed boxed milk (the horizon milks in the display case can be warmed up), Italian soda (bubbly water from the display case mixed with berry syrup), Syrup Creme Frappuccino (strawberries and creme, vanilla bean, and double chocolatey chip are all made without caffeine/ caffeine free base),  and a Tea Latte [(caffeine free)tea bag, hot water, and steamed milk].

Obviously most of these drinks are easily made at home, but there is a joy to those red cups. Kids drinks are priced a little over a dollar and it makes them feel special to get a drink just like their parents!

Lala likes to be prepared for sideways rain..

Window shopping


Christmas time Tiffanys display window

Carmel is my absolute favorite town.

Catching raindrops

Visiting the fish in the pond at the park.


A highlight of my day! Spinning with Lala in the squishy muddy park.

Followed by a great game of chase

Joe and Lala surprised me by bringing me to The Paris Bakery to pick out a dessert!

We enjoyed every bite while sitting next to their amazing mural!

From there we went to get our Christmas tree!

Lala ended up picking out the perfect one! 

My best friends hosted my birthday dinner!

Everything was delicious!

I would say it was the most amazing birthday I could ever ask for.
We ended the night with a chocolate milk shot and Alisas homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Thank you to everyone for making my day so amazing!

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