Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final Four!!

I am my husbands wife after all : )

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Feet Theme Night

You don't need to fly, it's okay to waddle
The penguins are ready to party FULL THROTTLE
So jump on an iceberg and set sail this way
For an arctic adventure on Happy Feet Day!!!

I LOVE PENGUINS! This was our first time seeing Happy Feet II, it was adorable!
This theme night was almost completely done by yours truly. While my husband was wood working, Lala napped, and I created!

Our pet pink penguin was the star of the evening, her name is Pengi Minaj.

I made La a rock necklace. Materials: rock (preferably in a closely related shape to what you are trying to create), acrylic paint, paint brush, bail, hot glue gun, and string for the chain.

While walking through Beverlys, we found these little penguin erasers. They are fun decor and toys for now.

Trader Joes carries delightful penguin gummies! They have soft bellies and taste like juice. We snacked on goldfish before dinner was ready.

Penguin toast! Whole grain toast, cream cheese, 1/2 olive eyes, carrot beak, and seaweed wings.

Hard boiled Penguins! I used toothpicks to fasten everything together. Since the movie follows Emperor Penguins, I had one show off her yellow chest.

What do penguins love most? FISH! We had fish shaped tuna fish sandwiches.

Bow tie pasta was the main dish.

Milano penguins!! I melted chocolate and dipped the sides and top of the milanos. The beak and feet were white chocolate melted and dyed yellow. For the egg you could use a Jordan Almond or melt white chocolate and roll almonds in it like I did (much more messy-just how it should be). I cheated and used store bought candy eyes...sorry I am not Martha Stewart people!!

Hot chocolate was a perfect touch.

I turned her rain boots into penguin feet.

She was comfy in her penguin pjs.

We bundled up in layers to set the Arctic scene. Lala wore her penguin mittens!

To make igloos, I made two cupcakes and once they cooled I made them round on top. I covered them in cream cheese frosting and the marshmallows stuck right to it.

The igloos were a wonderful accessory to our arctic display. Blue jello ocean with swedish fish and gummie penguins set inside. Whipped cream icebergs and snow.

Lastly, I painted my nails to match the theme. My thumbs were formal but ready to party at the same time, as tuxedos. The rest of my nails were penguin faces and my accent nail was a little penguin foot.

When La is older I plan to add some things:
-blue snow cones
-Penguin cake pops
-cardboard boxes for us to play in and pretend they are igloos
-ribbon around our ankles to waddle and dance like penguins

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean themed night.

Looking forward to seeing the last Pirates movie, I made Lala & Kiki Jack Sparrow bandanas.

All I needed was: red fabric, color beads, buttons, medallions, brown yarn, and (OF COURSE) my handy hot glue gun.

To make the look of dreads, I braided multiple strands of yarn. The beads and accessory selection was random and fun. I used girly colors, but this craft could easily be made for a young boy.

Our dinner for this night was: The Old Fisherman's Grotto clam chowder (it is the best clam chowder in the world!), fresh loaf of bread, and homemade crab cakes. La really enjoyed being a part of the festivities and once it was bedtime, my husband and I got to watch the movie.

DIY Bow Rain Boots

Quite possibly the simplest, fastest, and most rewarding craft yet. We have had rain the past few days, and I was getting tired of Lala's rain boots being so plain-jane and ordinary. I am also obsessed with bows!

What you need: rain boots, hole punch (I used a 1/4 sized hole), ribbon of your liking, and scissors.

Through trial and error (error, error) I found pinching the back of the boots from the side works much easier then trying to go one at a time from the top. It also helps the holes in being perfectly lined up.

I decided to do four holes per boot. If you would like to make it look more like a corset, you can add more holes.

It will be fun to switch up the ribbon every so often, for different looks and outfits!!

The sun may come out tomorrow, but for today BRING ON THE RAIN!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shrek themed night!

I decided to make Ogre ears! All I needed was headbands, green felt, hot glue gun, and ribbon(so that they could come off the headbands).

Our meal was "swamp slop" steak stew, Donkey's waffles, green milk, sweet slime sludge, & the gingerbread man-complete with gum drop buttons!

For fun we got mud masks, because what ogre doesn't appreciate playing in the muddy swamp?

When La is older and we rent all the Shrek movies: we can play pin the tail on Donkey, decorate your own gingerbread man, maze game- (drawing) help Shrek get Princess Fiona to Far Far Away, play in a mud pool in the back yard, and decorate the living room as a castle.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saint Patricks Day 2012

Our family had a wee bit o' fun this Saint Patty's day!! WARNING: it may leave you seeing green....

Lala began her festivities with a green bubble bath (Ellie joined in the fun). Splashes, suds, and smooches set the scene. We bought some bath crayons, and tried out the green one of course!!

The breakfast menu was green egg scramble with spinach and turkey with sides of green: apple sauce, cottage cheese, & milk. Next year I plan to do Lucky charms, clover green pancakes, oatmeal.

I painted my nails last minute green with one accent nail on each hand-a rainbow.

We made a very healthy green smoothie! It had banana, yogurt, frozen mango, apple, pineapple, kiwi, broccoli, spinach, spirulina, green tea, wheat grass, and barley grass. I kid you not- it was delightful!!

All week I had our table set up to get in the spirit!

Green Velvet Cupcake!!! (We ran low on green coloring, next year they will be more vibrant green.) They were ├╝ber scrumptious! Green cream cheese frosting to top them off.

Lala's lunch was a leprechaun sandwich. Turkey on whole wheat, carrot shavings for the hair/beard (held on by cream cheese), raisin eyes, cheese nose, red pepper lips, green bell pepper hat, seaweed belt, and cheese buckle!! We made her a rainbow of fruit with vanilla yogurt clouds. She LOVED it.

Earlier in the week I made lala and Kiki (her doll) matching felt hair accessories and rainbow bead necklaces. Super simply, quick, and adorable little crafts!

To further enjoy the holiday I played Irish music, we went on a walk in nature to see green and rainbow colors. My husband and I enjoyed the luxury of one green beer each.

May the road rise up to greet you... : )

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lady and the Tramp night!!

One of the classics.
Joe and I thought about this night a looong time ago. La is still too young to really watch movies, so that part is mainly for us. She does enjoy the music and ambiance though.
We had spaghetti & meatballs(and of course the dogs too). We bought the DVD, book, & plate for Lala. Mommy & daddy had wine; while La got to enjoy a fine aged grape juice (a very special treat for her).

The cupcakes: I suggest a light cake-we used vanilla. My husband made homemade fondant with honey. Roll the fondant into spaghetti noodle strands. Pour a little amount of strawberry jelly (room temp or semi warmed up) for the sauce look. Top with three malt balls as the meatballs.

It was a fun and easy night!