Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween food fun at Nanas

This Thursdays Theme: PUMPKIN/Halloween!
Nana had her house decorated..

Pumpkin Ale
Human fingers, eye balls, mummy pizzas, and brains!
Ginger snaps with pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin macaroons, little clementine jack-o-lanterns filled with pumpkin greek yogurt, and homemade pumpkin soup.

Apples and caramel 
Halloween banner my mom made with vintage Alice in Wonderland cards.

Lala loves the 5 little pumpkins song and Nana had a puppet to go with it!!

Then we went for a walk above the beach

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A day for ART

Our household is in full support of the arts!
From painting to clay to tattoos to music...
This day was mentally created by my husband and myself somewhere mid-maternity...we had no idea it would turn out to be this much fun!!
First: We planned a trip to an art exhibit (while planning we found out that The Monterey Museum of Art was having a free family day! PERFECT!) 
Lala really enjoyed looking at all the paintings.


It was so great that they had tons of activity areas set up!

Clay sculpting was a blast!!!

I loved Lalas outfit = ] 
Off the shoulder peter pan collar and skinnies- my little fashionista!
Then we walked to Trader Joe's to pick up some special snack items...
She brought her art book.
We set up snack right in the sculpture garden.
A fresh baguette, grapes, cheese, and wine pomegranate juice!

More fun with the magnifying glass.

Finally, we went to Carmel beach and let the artist do her thing.
Snack deprived artist 
The coolest part was the large amount of people who stopped to watch her paint. A few of them took pictures and would clap as she stepped back to see if she wanted to add more. 

Taking in the scenery to add to the painting..

True painters stance.

I know I always end by saying something along the lines of "a new favorite memory" but this one will forever be. I smile looking back on this day. We took these pictures a while before her birthday and saved them to post until after. I am so pleased to say we do some form of art everyday.