Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas time at Disneyland

Lala talks about going back to Disneyland and Ariel's Grotto every single day!
For Christmas we (along with my mom and Darren) surprised her with a trip two days later.
She only knew we were going on an adventure and that alone got her fully excited! We drove there as she took a nap and stopped in SLO to walk around and have dinner, then when it was time for her to go to bed- we hit the road again.
The next morning she got dressed in her Cinderella dress and princess nails from her Godmother- still unaware that we would be going to Disneyland!

We bought premium season passes... so expect Disneyland blog posts often!

After breakfast at the hotel room, everyone getting ready, parking, riding the tram, and getting our tickets- it was already time for our Ariels Grotto reservation!!

Our previous trip was in July, but Lala remembered while we were on the staircase that this was the place she met the princesses.

She ran over to give Ariel a big hug.

It was lovely seeing Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora again... and we were able to meet Mulan!

Lala told "Rella" that she dressed up as her for Halloween too!

For guests under 3 the meal is free, nice indeed but they do not know my 2 year old.
This time we went with the spaghetti and meatball lollipop.. she polished off the meatball while the server was still standing there, so he brought her more.

After Ariels Grotto it was only fitting to go on the Ariel ride.

Then we went to the Disney Junior show. Lala was super excited to see Mickey and his clubhouse pals! The cast member running the show kept coming and sitting by us talking with her, then she was deep asleep- he laughed. She slept for most the show and I had to carry her out after everyone left.

SO HAPPY for the stroller!
She cruised around in it for the rest of her nap.

Tow Mater!


My favorite restaurant!

The Christmas time parades were spectacular! 
Here she is waving to Minnie and Mickey ice skating on a float!

It was a very busy time to go to the parks.

She met MERIDA!
Brave is our favorite movie and Merida is our favorite princess!
Best meet and greet ever!!

Faith, trust, and pixie dust magic...

Last trip Lala had no interest in meeting the costume (masked) characters, we figured she still wasn't ready. We were heading out of Disneyland and she spotted Suzy the mouse from Cinderella and said "meet her!" She walked over and Suzy did an excellent job with her. Characters tend to be a little in-your-face, but she bent down to Landyns level and waited for her to come. Then when La finally got to her she stuck out her hand so she could touch it. This eased Landyn into feeling comfortable around her and now she talks about Suzy mouse all the time, mainly saying "meet her again."

The story with this sweater...(Don't judge-it's vintage and vintage is in hahaha)
This was actually my sweater when I was her age. Like mother like daughter, both of our two year old selves adored it. When I got it out of a box, praying for an awful Christmas sweater party, she wanted to wear it right then and basically every day since. Then she started telling us how she wanted to wear it to Disneyland..The "Holiday fun" and Christmas nature forced us to make the trip happen as close to Christmas as possible.

She was so happy to be wearing it while at Disneyland!

Ah our beloved rescued snail!
He was cruisin' around the busy street of California Adventure, so we picked him up, and Lala named him Jingle Bell! She helped me find a safe leaf and we bid him adieu.
It was time to go back to the hotel and rest up for another day at Disneyland!

Cold-wet-rainy-morning...but it's DISNEYLAND!
We went right back to meet 'Punzel and Lala wore her new Rapunzel dress. When we walked in Flynn Rider surprised us! 

We left for Lala to take her nap and then returned to eat. I was beyond excited to go back to the French Market. I can almost guarantee I will be dining here with each visit.

We were not as prepared as I would have liked to be for how cold it was, but at least it stopped raining. Lala wore layers on layers and her chucks were wet so we changed her into this get-up. Far from her 'children with swag' standards haha. Surprisingly though, we were stopped constantly with strangers commenting on how cute she is... She loved it = ] 


Daddy daughter moments

The Up adventure course was a blast! We definitely earned our badges!!

Mickey bread!!

During the World of Color show, we grabbed a bread bowl of warm soup and enjoyed our view in the empty area of the park.

Landyn pointed out the blue lights across the water and let us know they were just like the wisps in Brave! Disneyland must be her destiny = ] 

We viewed the fireworks from CA Adventure.


As our reminiscing is coming to an end.. I have to leave it with my absolute favorite part!
The night ride around Disneyland.

We took a stop at Toon Town.

Then after riding The Winnie the Pooh ride, we picked up some hot cocoas and Mickey beignets- cuddled in a blanket- and rode all the way around the park.  

Forever a keepsake memory.

M-I-C see you real soon!
K-E-Y why? because we love you!

We are all ready for another trip!!

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