Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Third Wedding Anniversary

When Joe asked what I wanted to do for our anniversary, there was not a moments pause. We both said

We left our house at 3:30 am and drove all night to have breakfast at Disneyland. 
First, we heard Tink was in so we FINALLY met our pixie friend!

Breakfast: Minnie and Friends at The Plaza.
Our goal is to eat everywhere and collect all the buttons.
This was the first time we were not impressed by a character dining experience (food wise).
There were a lot of characters though and it is convenient right in the park.

Lala did NOT want to meet Captain Hook until he came by a second time.

She loved meeting some of her Hundred Acre Wood pals!!

Lala givin' Pooh some honey.

Joe and I came to the conclusion Chip-N-Dale are her favorite characters.
It's always giggles with these three.

Max hung out at our table for a long time.
They played peek-a-boo and danced together.

Each week during gymnastics, Lala says "I'm bouncing like Tigger!" 
She went ahead and showed him and they jumped together! 
It was hilarious!!

Lucky for us, our trip took place during a special Limited Time Magic event- Long Lost Friends week!

Disney brought back some friends who aren't usually at the park.

Pocahontas, Meeko, John Smith, & Gov. J. Ratcliffe.

Fauna, Flora, and Merryweather- The Fairies from Sleeping Beauty (and Sofia the First).

(Warrior) Mulan & Mushu.

Our first time checking out the animal area! 

As our little Snow was leading us around Disneyland, we stumbled upon Snow White herself!
Tucked away with no one else there, they were able to have a long conversation.
Later, when she was riding on Joe's shoulders, we kept hearing someone yelling "little Snow White!" When we eventually turned around it was Snow White calling to Lala! She parted traffic and had Joe duck down so she could give a hug and kiss to Landyn.

I snapped this picture to remember this happening.
It's pretty cool when your own little princess is the one people want to get a picture with.

How perfect was her park snack?
Snow White helped her make sure it wasn't poisonous!
Lala didn't understand why a crowd of people were enjoying her enjoying her snack haha.

Back to Long Lost Friends meet & greets.
Wendy, Peter Pan, Mr Smee, & Captain Hook.

Jane Porter & Terk.

For our anniversary we ate at Storytellers for dinner... the. best. dinner. buffet. ever!!!

Happiest place on Earth doesn't even begin to describe it..

The new Disney Junior live on stage show with Sofia the First and Doc was amazing!

Hi Tow Mater!

Goofy's Kitchen!
The food was great with a HUGE selection. We ate early so we could be at park opening (finally!).
We met: Goofy, Briar Bear, Pluto, Jasmine, Cinderella, Rafiki, & Chip-N-Dale.

We didn't know princesses went there!
Jasmine and LaBear.


So happy to talk with Cinderella.

While I waited for a front row seat to the Rapunzel show, Joe and La went to the new Fantasy Faire meet and greet.
They saw Cinderella, Ariel, and Aurora.

The new version of Auroras dress.

We have so many magical Disney moments, but I adore this one-
Flynn was brushing her hair out of her face 

At the end of the show they toss out gold coin papers. Lala had collected a bunch and they were all balled up. She handed them to Flynn and he put them in his satchel and told her he was going to save them.

Dance party in Cars Land.

No such thing as too much Mickey Mouse...
California Adventure & Disneyland.

Tea Cups.

The new Royal Theater.
We sat in the very front for both shows. They were great!

Rapunzel and a lantern.

After a fantastic anniversary trip, it was time to go home.
We grabbed huge coffees from California Adventure and hit the road, planning our next trip the whole ride home.

I forgot to add while we were walking around we spotted a boy with the DIY cupcake Mickey tee on! Upon talking to her she said she got the idea from Pinterest and a blog!

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  1. My favorite pics are obviously the one with Tink and the one of her in the tea cups. I have never heard of Storytellers. I think we are going in June so we'll have to check it out!