Monday, May 6, 2013

1/2 way to THREE

Lala's halfway birthday is by Earth Day so we love to incorporate that every year.
We went for a hike and brown bag picnic at Garland Park.


Sunscreen time.

Dolce came hiking too.

It was a HOT day in the valley.

After our "hike" in the heat, we cooled off in the river.

We got our favorite coconut waters and sat in the grass park to enjoy the gorgeous weather in Carmel.

That was Sunday and her halfway birthday was Monday so we celebrated again!
R.G. Burgers

& Cake!

Nothing Bundt Cake was phenomenal!
Perfect size, delicious, and easy to share.


  1. Hi, I found your blog from Pinterest and I can't help but obsess over your daughters adorable fashion! I have a 2yr old and am obsessed with fashion. Where do you shop for her adorable outfits?!

    1. Thank you! Welcome to my blog = ] haha. Two is such an amazing age! We shop for her everywhere! My favorite is going to children resale shops and making something new out of items like shorts, jeans, jackets, etc. Most of the time my husband and I think of a head-to-toe look for her and find it through searching the internet or make it ourselves. Best recommendation I can give: although stores set up cute matchy looks, mixing things up always looks better and converse go with everything! Haha.