Sunday, May 5, 2013

Taco 'bout a fun Cinco de Mayo!

Hola and welcome to our Cinco de Mayo celebration!
Our morning started with a fiesta, music selection provided by Pandora.

Abuelita, fruit with chili powder, breakfast burritos, and chur-oatmeal

Regular cooked oatmeal put in an oven safe jar and topped with cinnamon & sugar and baked until top was crunchy (inside was still soft).

Lala took her siesta on the road as we went for a day at Carmel beach.

The weather ranged from warm to cloudy and then warm with light sprinkles.

Dad checked out some library books the other day for the occasion!

Beer with lime on the beach... oh yeahhh.

Maraca snacks!
(Grapes on pretzel sticks)

Bonfire/beach cookout.

Cornbread baked in green peppers and topped with cheese.

Turkey, rice, and black bean tacos.

Sand play.

S'mores time!
We used Mexican chocolate.


We made our own Mariachi band.

What a fun-filled day!


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