Saturday, August 24, 2013

First day of SCHOOL!

Getting ready for the first day we read all the library books we could find on starting school!

A relaxing night before...
Rose petal bubble bath
chocolate sampler platter
strawberries with whipped cream
and books while in the tub.


Lala went to her first day of school in style! Her shirt is Jawbreaking

She dove right into dress up and has every day since!

There is an immense amount of independence for the children. For example, at snack time they serve themselves, ask to pass, pour their water, raise their hands to be excused, and clear their trays. 

We love her school! The first week was amazing, she walks around the house singing "I love my school I love my school.." The changes seen in our daughter since she started are incredible. Is it Monday yet?!

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