Sunday, September 29, 2013

First Disney Race!

Ariel themed weekend!
(The photos decided to upload out of order)
First stop- Storytellers Cafe!

Picked up her race bib.

Ariels Grotto-of course!

It was the hottest weekend we have ever experienced.
She was too hot to take a nap, so she finally rested while we watched Mickeys Magical Map show.
A group sitting by us noticed how hot she was so they lent us their fan-THANK YOU!

Lala was excited about her Ariel shoes and Dad was excited that they were Lebrons.

"Take a picture of me by Ariel!"

Dad could't resist buying the animators toddler Ariel doll.

The homemade race day look:
Red hair chalk bangs and ends
Dinglehopper (which almost everyone at the park recognized and appreciated)
Ariel tattoos
custom tee shirt (the back reads: Think I'm fast? You should see me swim!)

Monumental trip!
Lala reached the first height requirement for rides! 
36 inches

Last dance party.

It all looked like a SUPER FUN and magical trip right?
Not exactly.
It was... except the race.
The heat, early wake up, loud crowds cheering, and other factors contributed to a not-so-happy little racer.
She didn't give up and she still did it!

Her first roller coaster was the highlight of the trip!