Monday, December 30, 2013

Open Mic Night

This is a post from months ago when we went to the youth center to hand out fliers and talk briefly at the open mic night. Joe and Lala were waiting in the car and she ended up needing to use the restroom. They came inside and we were looking at the bulletin board when the director asked if we wanted to be judges for the night. It was awesome! The high schoolers were so talented, I was blown away. Landyn was getting really into it and clapping for everyone. When the line up was through and they went to tally the votes opening the stage to anyone, she turned to us and said "I want to be a singer girl!" She marched right over to the stage on her own! She tested out the mic and laughed hearing her voice through it and then she sang. We couldn't believe it! 

Music is everywhere in our lives. We play music to clean and have dance parties. Lala knows so many classics. I love shows like The Voice & Glee. You hear interviews and comments made by parents of artists saying "I knew -- was going to sing the first time -- hit the stage." When asked when most started singing or the first time they performed it is young and impressive to say four... try two! I can't say she will be a singer, or an actor, or a doctor etc... but I will say Joe and I see an amazing future ahead and we will be here in support of every pursuit.

It was a prideful moment in many ways but I have to say seeing her have self-confidence and bravery/ doing it all on her own was absolutely extraordinary.

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