Saturday, January 19, 2013

January Disney Trip: A stroll with Ariel

Annual passes- not too bad of a drive- any reason at all is a good reason to go to Disneyland!
We went on a last minute quick trip. Drove early am and arrived at park opening, stayed one hotel night, and drove back home. I had no idea the amount of joy this trip would bring...

CHEERS to the slow season! Characters were everywhere and no lines!!

As we were making our plan... Lala spotted Ariel walking. They saw each other and Ariel walked over to Landyn, reached out her hand, and took her on a stroll around the park! I was amazed... this is something I had only seen in Disney park ads and Pinterest before. As Ariel made her rounds and continued talking with Lala, I am sure she felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Even when Ariel stopped at her meet-and-greet area, she had Lala stay to chat for a long time.  A line formed to get pictures with her, but time stood still while she held Landyns hand and talked about whatever it was that they talked about.

That experience was the essence of Disney-the magic, and the memory that our family has to hold onto forever.

We walked down the pathway and stumbled upon Aurora. There was no one else there at the time, so they had a nice talk too.


Lala showed her how she does air archery!



What a change from our first trip..
Lala didn't want to meet Goofy or any of the masked characters and now anytime she would see one she would say "Meet him!..NICE!"

Donald Duck

Yes... we ventured out from the French Market.
The food was authentic and affordable. We had the Mahi tacos and cheese enchiladas.

While sitting to eat we spotted Woody! Joe and Lala went over to meet him.

After we were done eating we saw Jessie!

FINALLY! Aladdin & Jasmine were there for us to meet.

Nighttime at California Adventure.
Lala wanted to meet Mickey again.. this time she gave him a huge hug and touched his nose.

Lightning McQueen 

Dad rode Tower of Terror while Lala and I hung out in the Bugs Life area, then they walked around Cars Land while I rode the Cars ride.

Tow Mater

Day Two
Riding the Carousel for the first time

Flynn and Rapunzel

In taking a short cut, we bumped into Snow White.

Lala did not want to meet the Queen of Hearts.

Chip n' Dale!

Long hugs, high fives, and touching their noses..

We filled up on homestyle deliciousness! Pot roast, fried chicken, and large sides.

I love dining at Disney!
I do not even consider it a relative to "park food"- Disney is a resort and they have the most amazing restaurants. All the "Disney on a dime" blogs I have gone to begin with food cuts. Yes, you could survive on pb&j's, but why? We spend less eating at Disneyland than we do at the majority of restaurants where we live. It is so enjoyable to stop, sit down, drink ice cold water, and eat filling-good food... then get up and walk right back out to Disneyland!

Pixie Hollow

Landyn absolutely loves all her variations of the Alice in Wonderland books!
She met Alice and the Mad Hatter!

They advised us to go ride the tea cups... we did!
My happy girl just stared into my eyes and let me know that she loves me.

The White Rabbits house!

The Cheshire Cat!

Ahhh Dole whip float!
We shared this refreshing treat while in the Tiki Room (for the second time).

I was unsure if she would like the rocket ships that fly over the water at CA Adventure...
She LOVED them! 

Pixar Parade.

The longest line we waited in was for the Peter Pan ride- 20 minutes.
We had never been on it before, it was well worth it!!!

We are back in the works of planning our next trip!