Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little Style.

Visiting the Monarchs

Yay! We got to see (and hear the entire process of) mating Monarchs!

JoJo gave Lala the perfect shirt!

We walked to The Red House Cafe for a tasty lunch and an overpriced slice of pie : ) (Joe was pretty distraught about it haha)..
Then we decided to play at the park.

A little boy asked if Lala wanted to play cars with him.

I see her changing into a beautiful butterfly everyday.

JoJos 4th Birthday!

We had so much fun at JoJos ninja birthday party!!
It was really nice that he didn't mind all the kids playing with his toys.

Lalas outfit choice that day (I added the skull headband and the ninja headband was a cool birthday favor!)

The birthday boy!

Lala took a whack at it..


Hope you had a great birthday JoJo!
Thanks for having us.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Just a Mom-Daughter outing..

Lala picked out her own outfit.
We turned an outing to the post office into a wonderful adventure!

From the post office, we walked all around downtown.

We had fun discovering all the different doors!

We stopped in the library for some reading and drawing.

Lunch at starbucks complete with a vanilla steamer.

...a little bit of window shopping

After her nap, we went out to dinner, then came home to enjoy some ice cream dessert  
= ] 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sundance Film Festival!

Bucket List #13: Go to Sundance Film Festival

We did one better-I was able to work there!! A great experience-I had a ton of fun, met a lot of great people, and am very much looking forward to next year.
I am here to show how it can be a family affair, so this post is less from the festival angle and more from our Park City experience.

Let's start with my husband's rental car upgrade to his dream car, which came in pretty handy during the snowstorm.


Kamik Snowbug 2 Cold Weather Boots, which I would highly recommend to all the moms and dads of little snow goers everywhere, as they're rated to something like 40 degrees below freezing and kept Landyns feet feeling like they were next to the fire all day long !!!

We stayed at the Homestead Resort.
It was absolutely perfect! 

We flew in, rented a car, walked around the resort, then took a that night we discovered Main Street- Park City!

The feel of Sundance was all around. It was beautiful.

The mesmerizing Egyptian Theater! 

Lala stayed warm in her adorable jacket from her Godmother, while I sported some Jawbreaking.

Landyn stood in amazement under the green lights of a pizzeria.

While I worked during the festival hours, Joe and Lala were off having a great time with all of the fun activities Joe planned out before we even got there, starting with the Olympic Museum!

My mini Olympian holding the torch!

They sent me an e-card = ] 

 They attended story time and enjoyed the Park City library.

Then they went to Monkey Mountain!
Lala talked non-stop about this place.

They went by the indoor ice rink and watched practice.
She was so excited to tell me what she saw. Lala also decided that she wanted to try it!

She wanted to get a picture with every statue around. This was no small feat, as Park City loves statues! This was probably my favorite

Main Street at night

Our resort had a great restaurant on site, just steps away from our suite. We would grab breakfast there almost every morning.

It was time for ice skating!!
Dad and Lala were able to hold off on going until I could come too!

I could not believe how awesome she was on the ice-a natural indeed! The best part was that she loved it and didn't want to leave.

Her first little ice skates = ] 

We ate at so many wonderful restaurants, like VintoNick's Greek CafeEl ChubascoWasatch Bagel and GrillTeriyaki GrillBandits BBQRed Rock Brewing (AMAZING almond crusted Utah Trout), etc., but when it was Lalas choice she wanted one of her favorite combos around-Whole Foods sushi and carrot leafy greens juice (It's salad in a bottle!) at the room!

We were planning on flying from Utah to Colorado, but decided to post-pone that trip so we could enjoy Park City a little more (and the closure of the Salt Lake City airport didn't convince us to fight those thoughts too much). I am so happy we did! I loved experiencing Park City, a snowstorm, and no-agenda-days with Lala!

Our last day there was my favorite! Dad woke up early and was able to go skiing, while Lala and I enjoyed a girls morning!

We went for a walk in the fresh snow.

Mother- daughter breakfast date!
We had the entire restaurant to ourselves.

It was so lovely..
A table for two by the fire and window looking out at the deer families that would walk by.

We had a blast!
I loved her series of pictures below...
The blessing of Landyns smile

Oh, serious face..

The scones with breakfast were to die for!

We finished our walk after breakfast, and I showed her how to tug on branches to make the snow fall.
She thought it was hilarious!

Coolest Sundance-goer I know.

There are so many things I will forever cherish about this trip.
I loved being a part of the festival, and I REALLY loved having my family there too!
Lala learned quick! As we would drive by Eccles theater, she would say "this is freckles!" Anyone who would ask her what she was up to in Park City, she would respond "going to the film festival."

She even picked up some filmmaker fashion!

I was nervous for her first flights, but she did so great, and loved getting her own set of wings! 

We are so excited to go back!!!