Monday, May 6, 2013

1/2 way to THREE

Lala's halfway birthday is by Earth Day so we love to incorporate that every year.
We went for a hike and brown bag picnic at Garland Park.


Sunscreen time.

Dolce came hiking too.

It was a HOT day in the valley.

After our "hike" in the heat, we cooled off in the river.

We got our favorite coconut waters and sat in the grass park to enjoy the gorgeous weather in Carmel.

That was Sunday and her halfway birthday was Monday so we celebrated again!
R.G. Burgers

& Cake!

Nothing Bundt Cake was phenomenal!
Perfect size, delicious, and easy to share.

"I'm like a wedding"

Park with Godfather Parker

Library, Brunos picnic, and grass park.. Lala was one happy girl!

Sporting one of my favorites of her custom PikPoks.

Books & Sunshine.

International Day 2013

A day filled with culinary & cultural exploration.

It was spent with our friend Kelly!
She gave La a new book and read it to her on the grass as we feasted on foods from around the world.

Family Date Night: First time to the theater

Joe heard of our local theater putting on The Little Mermaid Jr!
We decided to surprise Lala with the whole evening of events..
starting with her dress, which she was so wildly happy about.

Then we went out to eat at The Village Corner in Carmel and ordered all seafood to stay in theme.

It was like we were back at Disneyland! She was belting out the songs throughout the entire play and had the time of her life. Since this night she has talked to us daily about one day getting to be in plays and on stage (as well as singing all the songs morning to night).

I was happy as a clam to have her first time going to the theater at such an iconic one! 
The Golden Bough Playhouse is a huge piece of Carmel history. 
Want to learn about it and other cool facts on Carmel?
Follow Carmel Art & Film Festival = ] 

This night calls for an encore!

Custom Tattoo Pok

Old school cool.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Taco 'bout a fun Cinco de Mayo!

Hola and welcome to our Cinco de Mayo celebration!
Our morning started with a fiesta, music selection provided by Pandora.

Abuelita, fruit with chili powder, breakfast burritos, and chur-oatmeal

Regular cooked oatmeal put in an oven safe jar and topped with cinnamon & sugar and baked until top was crunchy (inside was still soft).

Lala took her siesta on the road as we went for a day at Carmel beach.

The weather ranged from warm to cloudy and then warm with light sprinkles.

Dad checked out some library books the other day for the occasion!

Beer with lime on the beach... oh yeahhh.

Maraca snacks!
(Grapes on pretzel sticks)

Bonfire/beach cookout.

Cornbread baked in green peppers and topped with cheese.

Turkey, rice, and black bean tacos.

Sand play.

S'mores time!
We used Mexican chocolate.


We made our own Mariachi band.

What a fun-filled day!