Thursday, July 25, 2013

Get Caitlin to Toronto!

Hey everyone!
Please check out the website I created for my journey to TIFF 2013.
I usually post about my family life (mostly Lala) on this blog, & this is where you can learn a little about me-

Learn my story, help me get there by making a donation ($10-$? - everything helps!), share it with others, & get a behind the scenes look at the festival.

Thank you so much! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

A walk around the park in SF

Mother's Day 2013

(Belated post)

Not one for "selfies" usually, but it was my special day = ] 

Picnic complete with a glass of wine

Gorgeous view

A few of my favorite things
-& film

Teaching her the ropes.


Surfing with Dad

Learning on the Lagoon

Oh, and this is Otis.

She loved it! 
Going back tomorrow : )
Soon she will be riding the waves!

Black on Black OOTD

Toddler Pinterest Nail Pose

Perfectly imperfect 
Piggy Paint

A special beach day

Starbucks & Nothing Bundt Cakes

Bubbles & Lemonade

Heat Wave