Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ratatouille Theme Night

Welcome to Ratatouille theme night.
We are back to our movie/food/craft fun..and we are not at it alone.
I would like to introduce you-the way any blogger would-to the blog of my friend Candice
Her son Harrison has become my daughter's best friend and we all get together almost everyday, so it was only natural to bring up theme nights.
Luckily for us, both Candice and her husband Aaron are chefs and Harrison is a young movie buff like Lala.
This is the first of many for our families together and it was tre magnifique!

We borrowed a lot of Paris props from Landyn's travel themed bedroom.

Harrison gave Lala the Little Golden Book edition of Ratatouille for Christmas.

The three stars of Gusteau's Restaurant.

Candice made these wonderful (and perfectly to theme) activity books..

AND placemats!!

They enjoyed being the little chefs!

She will be posting the recipes from this night on her blog.
I HIGHLY recommend everything!

We all snacked on fresh loaves of bread, prosciutto, grapes, and an assortment of cheeses throughout the evening.

Finally an occasion for our little mouse and cheese knife : )

Wine for the adults and the finest grape juice for the little ones.

They made mouse noses on popsicle sticks with beads & pipe cleaners.

Mickey is always relevant! 
They stamped their thumb prints to make little mice.

Melt-in-your-mouth gougeres!

Mini movie posters were displayed around the house.

DIY "little chef" aprons

Remy's lightning sparked idea of mushroom, cheese, and saffron!

We took a French lesson (merci Mern for giving this to La)!

The kids created their own spice mixes for the potatoes.

Candice made little paper chef hats.

Most memorably, she created an outstanding creme brulee.

This was the creme de la creme of theme nights thus far.
The movie and soundtrack added to the atmosphere.

Thanks for reading!
 If your mouth is watering as much as mine, visit for more.
Stay tuned for more of #theadventuresoflalaandharrison.

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