Thursday, February 27, 2014

Anna of Arendelle

One word- FROZEN!
This movie came into our life like a blizzard of happiness.
We saw this movie in theaters when it first came out and five plus times after that.
The soundtrack is played start to finish in our house and car everyday.
Harrison & Lala act out all the scenes and performed Let It Go at an open mic night together.

When Christmas time was in the air, all Lala asked for was the Anna dress. She made sure Joe and I knew along with each time she saw Santa. She talked morning to night about wanting that dress "her whole life!" To buy a back-up in case Santa forgot, two days before we checked our local store and it was all out then drove further and found ONE in her size! We had told her that the stores were either out or running low and she still had faith in Santa and the elves. Christmas morning came and she opened an overflowing stocking complete with a surprise singing Anna doll. At the end she looked at Joe and I and said "It's ok that I didn't get the Frozen dress.. I'm happy with this doll." She sang with Anna to her bedroom to get dressed and found Santa had put the dress in there! Her reaction was magic.

Anna of Arendelle meet Lala of Park City!
Joe and Lala came for some snow fun after Sundance this year.
She was sure to pack her favorite dress.

Snowball fight!

Thanks Santa!
You made one happy little girl.

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