Thursday, February 20, 2014

Someone forgot to wake me up when September ended...

Here is our Disney trip from 4 months ago!
Two film festivals, Christmas, a new year, lost dog, new dog, snow trip, Valentines Day, theme nights, and nights filled with my husband and I binge watching One Tree Hill have kept me from sharing it all on here. I figure before we head back to Disney soon I'd like to share this one.
Looking through the pictures always gets me so excited to go back!

Her first day at MU and already mastered the monster scare!

First time meeting Jake.

Now this was who she has really wanted to meet- Sofia the First!

Perfect day wearing her Monsters U shirt, carrying the doll, and then we bump into Sully!

Pre-Halloween decor

Marvelously mischievous Cruella

What inspired Lalas last minute birthday this year.

The moment the Queen realized Landyn was the fairest in the land.

First time eating Big Thunder Ranch BBQ!

We loved it! It was delicious and such a fun experience. Music was playing, the table were shaded, the waiters always checked to see what they could bring more of. Endless ribs, bbq chicken, coleslaw, cornbread, beans, and napkins!

BBQ & mason jars- I was in heaven.

It gets messy- but it's so worth it!

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