Saturday, February 22, 2014

TIFF 2013 through my lens

I did it! I went to the Toronto International Film Festival 2013.
Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make this trip possible.

I met my husband in high school, so we have done mostly everything in life together. I was so sad to leave him and our daughter, while being nervous to set out on my own in a foreign city. 

To my surprise, I learned the city quickly... I probably walked 3 miles extra each day because I never strayed from the paths that worked haha. Walking was a huge "feet" of this trip, I stayed by Yonge-Dundas Square which took about 25 minutes to walk to the TIFF Bell Lightbox(one of the venues).

Part of my assignments was to take photos-A very open ended task and I loved it! I woke up early one morning and went exploring. I took pictures to showcase not just the film festival, but the beautiful city which surrounds it. 

Those that love the city of NY can have it. I'll take Toronto any day.
It's cleaner, friendlier, and felt safer, not to mention Tim Horton's!

I felt happy in my new sense of independent pride. Joe and Lala were staying busy with fun daddy-daughter activities. 

Technology made everything easier-FACETIME!

They tried out a new bakery and painted nails.

Starbucks dates.

She also found new areas to fall asleep..

She counted down the days until I would come home.

Lala even went to work with Dad some days!

One day I walked by this gorgeous hotel and a few days later my roommate and I were invited there for drinks with some amazing people.

One of my favorite parts was attending the Jason Reitman live read of Boogie Nights! The cast included: Jessie Eisenberg, Josh Brolin, Dakota Fanning, Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudekis, Dane Cook, Marc-Andre Grondin, Jarod Einsohn, Scott Thompson, and Jordan Hayes.

My roommates were incredible! We had a lot of fun and I miss them.

I have found that film festivals attract a lot of different people, but the truest fans you find in the harshest weather conditions. From the Sundance snow to Toronto rain- festival goers will stand and wait.

With no certainty of entry, people will wait for hours to see a film,

while others wait for hours to hope for a glance of a celebrity entering the film.

I saw multiple GREAT films, but a standout was The F Word.
Being a die-hard John Hughes fan, I was pleasantly shocked to find a new film that I would place in a category with his.

The casting was phenominal and Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe nailed comedy. 

Check out the some of the interviews I did while there!
Thanks The Film Stage for an amazing experience.
Dallas Buyers Club:

An even bigger thanks to the Creative Mind Group!

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