Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

We love holidays, especially holidays dedicated to the ones we love!
Lala woke up to Valentines books, stickers, a mailbox full of goodies, and two new dolls.

Breakfast was pinktastic!

Besides the Valentines books, she was so happy to get a few new Disney books!

Specialty hot cocoas! 

My pants from Candice = ] 

We hung out with friends for a bit and Lala spent some time with her Godfather while Joe and I saw a movie! 

We also got Starbucks.

Very special this Valentines, Lala received a very sweet package from her honorary Grandma Cookie. Harrisons grandma came for a while when Aaron(Harrisons dad) was on a trip. I left for Sundance and Cookie helped both Joe and Candice. We miss her <3 nbsp="" p="">

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