Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lilify Art Show

Candice Koseba:
Daughter, Wife, Mother, Friend, Chef, Theme-Night Co-Creator, Blogger, & ARTIST!
I took some photos to document her first (of many) art exhibits.

I'm sure you will be imPRESSED with her seaweed too!
Visit her blog - 

Lala was so excited to see Candice, get dressed up, and bring her a surprise.

Hman noticing Lalas outfit haha!

One by one the art was taken down and sold to happy art appreciators. 

The venue was really great! 
Everywhere you looked there was something old, something new, something hand-made, something repurposed, and all things beautiful.

Sweet deal for the chocolatier!
During the art show, there was a chocolate sampling by Quinntessential Confections.

Lilify in Monterey.

The Koseba Family

I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible for all who could not attend (especially you Cookie!).
I will do another post from the rest of this day.
Congrats again Candice!

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